Outer Space ARI, West End, Queensland
26 April–5 May 2019

Christopher Bassi (Torres Strait Islands, Australia)
Ruth Cho (Australia)
Arko Datto (India)
Muhammad Fadli (Indonesia)
Dale Harding (Bidjara, Ghungalu & Garingbal, Australia)
David Jones (Dalungbarra, Australia)
Ida Lawrence (Australia/Indonesia)
Sancintya Mohini Simpson (Australia)
Sha Sarwari (Afghanistan/Australia)
Leyla Stevens (Australia/Indonesia)
Watsamon Tri-yasakda (Thailand)
Dennese Victoria (Philippines)
Georgia Walsh (Australia)
Seon-Im You (Australia)

BEAUT19’s curatorial premise emphasises the principles of presence, convergence, and resistance, offering a localised accompaniment to QAGOMA’s APT9, favouring interstate and international collaboration. Embracing the resilience of the grassroots arts community as well as reflecting the institutional investment in the arts in Brisbane, BEAUT showcases local artists and ARIs alongside their national and international peers from the Asia-Pacific region.